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Countertop Wine Cooler Reviews

What’s better than your own countertop wine cooler, always available and ready to go. This could be placed in your kitchen, bar or den. Something that’s not to large but can hold anywhere between 6 to 12 bottles of wine. A freestanding countertop wine cooler will always make for a great option for most wine lovers.

Amazon have some great options when it comes to countertop wine coolers. Here we show a few of the best sellers and reviewed units.

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Vissani Wine Cooler Reviews

There are many manufacturers on the market that make wine coolers. It’s sometimes can be difficult to choose the best option for your needs. This review will provide you with all the information you need to make the right choice. The Vissani Wine Cooler is one of the most cost effective coolers available. Manufactured by Magic Chef of the MCA corporation, they’ve been around for over 85 years. MCA has been a leader in housewares industry for more than two decades.

We recommend the Vissani Wine Cooler from Amazon

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Danby Wine Cooler Reviews

Danby is a North American family run business that’s been around since 1947. They offer a wide variety of appliances designed to fit your space and every move. Danby are currently one of the leading refrigeration and specialty appliance companies in North America. It goes without saying that there wine coolers would also be of high quality. There are a variety of Danby Wine Coolers available, there vary in functionality, size and performance.

The Danby Wine Cooler reviews in this article are based on what we think are the top five Danby reviewed coolers on Amazon.

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Edgestar Wine Cooler Reviews

Edgestar is known to be one of the industry leaders when it comes developing compact and portable appliances designed for the modern lifestyle. It’s therefore comes as no surprise that their high quality wine coolers are no different. These modern appliances are some of the slickest and most attractive looking wine coolers available on the market today.

The Edgestar Wine Cooler reviews  below are based on what we think are the top five Edgestar reviewed coolers on Amazon.

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