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Kegco Dual Tap Commercial Kegerator

The Kegco XCK-2448B Dual Tap Black Commercial Kegerator is the ideal beer dispenser for small pubs, bars, restaurants and events. It’s interior is big enough to hold two full-size kegs or a combination of smaller kegs. Forced air refrigeration keeps the beer in the kegs ice cold and blowers route the cool air into the beer tower to ensure not a drop is wasted. This beer dispenser includes two heavy duty adjustable shelves, providing the ultimate in versatility. You can store cans and bottles or keep mugs frosty on one side while dispensing multiple 5 gallon kegs from the other side! A built-in drip tray that routes to an external drain makes daily maintenance a breeze.

The Kegco XCK-2448B Dual Tap Black Commercial Kegerator is available at Amazon.

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How Many Beers Are In A Keg

Many of you have wondered, I know I have, to how many beers are in a keg. This information always comes in handy when planning for parties, weddings and celebrations. It’s always very convenient to know or at least to be close to knowing how many kegs you’d need to buy for your fun filled night of celebration. Lets look at this in more detail.

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EdgeStar Full Size Dual Tap Kegerator & Draft Beer Dispenser Review

The EdgeStar Dual Tap Kegerator – Black Version is an excellent double tap appliance that ticks most boxes when looking for a 2 tap kegerator. It’s a perfect addition to any bar, restaurant, living room, kitchen or man cave. The KC2000TWIN is all you need as your first dual tap kegerator, it’s also very cost effective, which is nice. It also comes in stainless steel, KC2000SSTWIN, with a slightly higher cost, although the look is classier.

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Kegco Dual Tap Kegerator – D System Review

The Kegco Kegerator Digital Beer Keg Cooler Refrigerator – Two Tap – D System It’s probably one of the most durable and stylish dual tap kegerators available on the market today.

So if you’re a lover of ice-cold draft beer and on the lookout for an efficient and good looking kegerator, look no further than this appliance.  With its stylish looks you’re able to move the kegerator to most rooms in your home without it looking out of place.

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