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How Many Beers Are In A Keg

Many of you have wondered, I know I have, to how many beers are in a keg. This information always comes in handy when planning for parties, weddings and celebrations. It’s always very convenient to know or at least to be close to knowing how many kegs you’d need to buy for your fun filled night of celebration. Lets look at this in more detail.

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Image from Kegworks.com

Beer Keg Sizes

Image above courtesy of Kegworks

What is a keg?

A keg is a small barrel (usually containing less than 10 gallons) that is used to store liquids and is also sometimes known as barrel, cask, vat, tun, hogshead, firkin, tub, tank, container and vessel.  For the purposes of this article, it is a container used to store delicious beer.  Your favourite beer brand is generally available in a keg and commercially available in many well known stores and via online shopping sites. The keg size reference chart below gives you more detail.

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