PicoBrew Zymatic Review

This product was made by a startup funded with Kickstarter. The best way to describe it is with 3 words, craft, brew and enjoyable. The idea began because they were frustrated with the challenges in reproducing conventional home brewing as well as the time required. The PicoBrew team set out to create an automatic all-grain beer brewing appliance.

The Zymatic is the world’s first, all-grain fully-automatic beer brewing appliance that is being used by breweries around the world. This is a fantastic piece of equipment for anyone in the brewing world.

We recommend the PicoBrew Zymatic from Amazon.




This is what they mean when they say “Technology with a purpose”. Zymatic’s innovative process control and automation makes brewing fun again. You’ll want to brew more and more, and more. Just like professional large-volume brewery equipment, Zymatic always produces the same high-quality with repeatable results every time, allowing you to focus on the craft of brewing instead of the monotonous mechanics and the constant cleaning. The unattended operation gives you more time to enjoy a pint or two during your brew day.

Time to enjoy the fruits of your hard work, or your Zymatic’s hard work.







This product come with the predictive Recipe Crafter which enables you to create custom recipes, import your favorites in Beer XML (beer code), or seek inspiration from the online recipe library filled with hundreds of proven recipes. The Zymatic’s automation can then kick in and brew perfect batches for you every time, that will always match your targets: precision multi-step mashes, accurately timed hop additions, automatically logged data, and more. It’s all internet connected so that you can monitor remotely from any phone, tablet or computer. Unbelievable convenience allowing you to keep track of your special brew not matter where you are.





Import recipes using beer XML or create your own using the custom recipe crafter software. Simplified and easy to use. The recipe library offers over hundreds of award-winning craft beers.







Ingredients can be pre-loaded at the beginning of the 3.5 hour brew cycle, this then ferments in the keg for single-vessel end-to-end brewing. It produces 2.5 gallons of finished beer batches.






No beer is more fresh, and tastes better than the one you’ve just brewed.




The PicoBrew Zymatic has excellent reviews on Amazon. It currently has 4.3 out of 5 star, with over 40 reviews, at the time of writing.



How to Brew

Watch the video below to find out how easy it is to use the PicoBrew Zymatic. It just doesn’t get much easier to brew beer from grain. Enjoy.


The PicBrew Zymatic is in no doubt an excellent piece of equipment, especially for those who want to brew all-grain beer. It’s convenient and easy to use with the automation it provides. The construction is good quality and the support and software provide an excellent addition. This product makes brewing exciting and addictive all at the same time. It’s a great tool if you already understand homebrewing and know and want to make a great beer.

We highly recommend the PicoBrew Zymatic from Amazon

*Ships in 3 separate packages

*Manufacturer warranty 90 days from date of purchase

Questions and Answers

1) Question: Can you brew without an internet connection? My concern is that the equipment becomes an expensive door stop if the website is no longer supported.
Answer: No, you cannot. However, the ability to do so is in the works.

2) Question: Does the zymatic give off a lot of odor for those using it in their kitchens? i live in a condo now and don’t have the outdoor space that i used to.
Answer: It does, but the odor of gives off is absolutely fantastic. It is like fresh made bread, but better.

3) Question: What all comes with this? Does it include an ingredient kit?
Answer: Yes. You get the Zymatic machine, a 5-gallon keg, keg insulating sleeve, and the connecting hoses. It also comes with kit of ingredients. For future brews, you can get additional kits or simply use the software to use existing recipes or design your own, in both cases getting the ingredients from a local brew-supply shop or from on line.

4) Question: Do you dispense the beer from the keg once the batch is complete? Do you bottle the beer from the keg, or is there a bottling device sold separately?
Answer: Once fermentation is complete the beer is transferred into a second keg in which it is carbonated, then dispensed from. Bottling using a modified version of the traditional homebrew method is also an option; the beer can be siphoned with a racking cane and bottle wand into bottles and carbonation tablets/drops can be used.

5) Question: Are there any styles of beer this cannot brew?
Answer: No