Pico – Craft Beer Brewing Appliance

The Pico Craft Beer Brewing counter-top appliance allows you to brew your own fresh craft beer from the comfort of your home. This incredible unit backed by a kickstarter program makes brewing craft beer as easy as pie. Brew beer like a pro and never look back. If you love beer and have always dreamt of brewing a great tasting craft beer, look no further than the Pico.

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PicoBrew Inc describe this product with 3 words, beer, brewing and alliance. They created a line of fully automatic craft beer brewing appliances because of the frustration with the challenges of reproducibility and the time required for homebrewing. What’s great is that more than one hundred prominent breweries have developed hundreds of craft beer recipes that can be brewed on the new Pico.

What’s on Offer

The Pico is able to deliver consistent, all grain, brew master quality beer every time. You are able to brew your favorite beers from award winning craft breweries from around the world. There are hundreds of different PicoPaks available, across all beer styles.

It mashes real grains with the use of steam, this cuts the brewing time from the typical 4+ hours to just 2. You can check on the progress either on the machines screen (which shows the time remaining) or on you phone or PC.

By fermenting your beer under pressure, you can shave off 3 days of fermentation time, making it extremely efficient.

With the push a single button you’re able to make the perfect craft beer every time.

The PicoPak can be customized to your own liking.



No beer is fresher than the one you just brewed. The PicoBrew Pico is expertly engineered to deliver consistent craft brewery quality beer every time, and great taste pint after pint.


Endless Beer

Brew all of your favorite beers from award winning craft breweries around the world. Discover new breweries and hundreds of beers available on the PicoBrew Brewmarketplace from the brands you love, including such leading craft breweries as Rogue, Abita, and 21st Amendment.

Easily Customizable


Tune any PicoPak more to your liking right on the PicoBrew Pico by adjusting the alcohol percentage and bitterness, or create your own FreeStyle PicoPak for a fully custom brew. You can create recipes with the recipe crafter that is free with your account. The crafter is populated with extensive types of grains, hops, and yeast and other brewing ingredients. There is no limit to your creativity.


Surprisingly Simple

Interactive technology recognizes the inserted PicoPak and optimizes settings for that craft beer recipe. The biodegradeale PicoPaks pre-package all the ingredients making brewing and cleanup easy.

Quickly Brews


The PicoBrew Pico brews five liters of beer in as little as two hours. The accessories included allow you to easily ferment, carbonate, and ultimately serve fresh craft beer in just a few days.

The Process

First you decide what you want to brew (select, import, or create your own recipe), adjust the recipe to your liking or leave as-is, load the ingredients, fill a keg with the specified amount of water, turn on the Pico, let it synchronize to the internet and load your recipe, select it by name and the brewing begins.

While it brews, the Pico logs brewing session data to the internet so you can keep track of it on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

At the end of the brew cycle, chill the beer or disconnect the keg to cool, pitch (add) yeast, attach an airlock, and place it somewhere cool to ferment.

Remove the ingredients containers, dump the waste into your compost bin, rinse the main container and replace it in the machine.

Attach a keg of water or other water source and run the rinse cycle on the machine to keep it clean for the next brew. Every few batches you’ll want to run a full cleaning cycle which is as simple as attaching a keg of water and adding a dishwasher tab. This deep clean takes longer but is an unattended process just like the brew cycle.

The ingredient containers can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher.

Wait for nature to do its magic with the fermenting beer. This can take anywhere from seven days to three weeks depending on the beer style you have brewed, fermentation temperatures, and a number of other factors.

Transfer your beer from the fermenting keg to a clean serving keg, carbonate, and put it on tap in your refrigerator, KegSmarts, kegerator or bottle as you prefer.

What are they saying?


The Pico – Craft Beer Brewing Appliance currently has an excellent 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon. It has over 40 customer reviews, proving that it’s of excellent quality. Most customer give this a 5 star rating. This as at writing.


The Pico is a very sophisticated all-grain brewing appliance that brings many advanced brewing techniques to the home kitchen counter. It does all this with ease and simplicity, making the brewing of craft beer a basic push button process. If you’re looking for a great all-grain top of the counter home brewing unit, then the Pico – Craft Beer Brewing Appliance is an excellent pick.

It comes highly recommended from Amazon