Craft Beer Glasses

The are a variety of beers to drink from all over the world. Many people have their favorites, be it ale, cider, stout or just lager. Drinking your prized beer is very important, so obviously the type of glassware you use can be essential. The argument in favor of a tulip or a snifter is that certain styles of beer are better suited to different glass shapes, which stabilize foam and entrap beer aroma in varying ways. With this in mind, why not consider the following type.

Nonic Pint

The Nonic glass, the most popular and common pint glass used by pubs all over Britain. The pint glass is ideally sized for generous pours of pale ales and lagers with a curved lip to cultivate foamy heads of beer. It features a bulge near the top which means that you will have better grip on the glass when it has condensation on the outside. Make your home bar feel more like a real pub with these classic Nonic Pint Glasses.

Great for: India pale ale, brown ale, porter, cider


The snifter is best paired with aromatic beers, such as strong ales. The shape aids head retention and concentrates volatiles towards the nose, creating more of an appreciation for craft beers and cask ales. It’s short, deep bowl retains the potent flavor and aroma of these beers, while its short stem means the glass will most likely be held in the palm of one’s hand.

Great for: Stout, barleywine, porter


With the booming trend in Belgian ales of late, this traditional tulip glass is the height of beer-drinking fashion. Like the snifter, the tulip has a wide, portly body, but with a flared opening rather than a closed one. This shape is ideal for promoting a healthy head as well as trapping the volatiles of beer.

Great for: Belgian ales, wild ales


Pilsner glasses aren’t just for pilsners; they work with any type pale lager. A true pilsner glass is long, thin and formed of straight lines, with a top that’s slightly tapered to retain the head of the beer. Its rail-thin physique is meant to showcase the color and carbonation of the beer.

Great for: Lager, pilsner, bock


The weizen’s wide mouth and tee shaped body’s has a purpose to properly release the aromas of the beer, and to maintain a thick, fluffy head. It originated in Germany and is probably the best glass for enjoying wheat beers, such as Hefeweizens and Belgian witbiers.

Great for: Hefeweizen, witbier