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Insulated Tumbler Beer Cooler

Health Essential 101

Great for all outdoor and indoor parties, be it tailgating, BBQ’s, events, pool parties, or whatever. These coolers fit the bill with a sleak look and design to go with it.

Check out these cool beverage can coolers, great for keeping your beers and or beverages extra cool. When you want to keep your beers cool for long periods and on the warmer days. Pick on of these coolers from Amazon and worry no longer.

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Craft Beer Glasses

The are a variety of beers to drink from all over the world. Many people have their favorites, be it ale, cider, stout or just lager. Drinking your prized beer is very important, so obviously the type of glassware you use can be essential. The argument in favor of a tulip or a snifter is that certain styles of beer are better suited to different glass shapes, which stabilize foam and entrap beer aroma in varying ways. With this in mind, why not consider the following type.

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Pico – Craft Beer Brewing Appliance

The Pico Craft Beer Brewing counter-top appliance allows you to brew your own fresh craft beer from the comfort of your home. This incredible unit backed by a kickstarter program makes brewing craft beer as easy as pie. Brew beer like a pro and never look back. If you love beer and have always dreamt of brewing a great tasting craft beer, look no further than the Pico.

We recommend the Pico Craft Beer Brewing from Amazon.

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Best Damn Root Beer


Brewed by: Anheuser-Busch
Missouri, United States

Style: Herbed / Spiced Beer

Alcohol by volume (ABV): 5.50%

Availability: All Year-round

Notes / Commercial Description:
Our delicious, easy-drinking Best Damn Root Beer is aged on real vanilla beans during the brewing process for a full-flavored, well-balanced take on one of our favorite classic tastes. We hope you love it as much as we do. Cheers!

Best Beer Bong – Great for College Parties


There is nothing better than raging parties where literally EVERYONEis having a good time. The Beer Bong is perfect for challenging your opponent to drink at the speed of light. Whether you are a college student, celebrating a bachelor party, or just want to have a good time on earth, this is the best double beer bong for you.

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Oldest Beer Recipe

Beer is a great past time and his been around for almost as long as humans. It’s older than all other alcohol types such as whiskey and wine. As humans have been farming and cultivating grains for over 10 000 years, the possibility of fermentation  has always been there. But it wasn’t until about 5ooo years ago that we find the oldest beer recipe, in Sumeria 1800 BC.

It comes in the form of an ancient poem dedicated to the goddess of beer and brewing, Ninkasi. And yes, beer was so popular that the Sumerians had a goddess dedicated to this ancient past time.

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PicoBrew Zymatic Review

This product was made by a startup funded with Kickstarter. The best way to describe it is with 3 words, craft, brew and enjoyable. The idea began because they were frustrated with the challenges in reproducing conventional home brewing as well as the time required. The PicoBrew team set out to create an automatic all-grain beer brewing appliance.

The Zymatic is the world’s first, all-grain fully-automatic beer brewing appliance that is being used by breweries around the world. This is a fantastic piece of equipment for anyone in the brewing world.

We recommend the PicoBrew Zymatic from Amazon.

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Beer Pong Rules

Beer pong is a drinking game in which players throw a ping pong ball across a table with the intent of landing the ball into a cup of beer (or other drink) at the other end. It consists of two or more players per side. Each team sets up 6 to 10 cups in a triangular formation on their side of the table. They then take turns throwing the ping pong balls into the other sides cup. If the ball lands into the cup, that team must the drink the contents and remove the cup from the table. The first team to remove all the opponents cups wins. It’s also know as Beirut.

Check out these beer pong tables from Amazon

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Great Beer Quotes

20 Famous Beer Quotes

There are many famous beer quotes said by famous and interesting people. Some you may know and some you may not. Here are a few to wet your lips and get you in the mood for a few pints.

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