Best Beer Bong – Great for College Parties


There is nothing better than raging parties where literally EVERYONEis having a good time. The Beer Bong is perfect for challenging your opponent to drink at the speed of light. Whether you are a college student, celebrating a bachelor party, or just want to have a good time on earth, this is the best double beer bong for you.

• The Perfect Addition to Any College Party, Bachelor Party, or Spring Break
• Challenge Your Friends To Go Head to Head
• Bright Glow in the Dark Funnel
• Built In Valves for Controlling Beer Flow
• Kink-Resistant Plastic Tubes
• Funnel Fits Two Beers, One for Each Player


A beer bong is a device composed of a funnel attached to a tube used to facilitate the rapid consumption of beer. This is also known as funneling. Popular at frat or college parties, any party for that matter.

Drinking from a beer bong is different from drinking beer normally (or other carbonated beverage). This is because the drinker is not in control of the volume of liquid entering the mouth. In addition, the force of gravity pushes the beer into the drinker’s mouth and thus ‘forces’ the beer down.

The beer bong is either ‘hit’ or ‘chugged’. A hit from the beer bong is when a valve is used and one drinks as much beer as they can before turning off the valve. Chugging is where an entire, or a number of beers are consumed at once.