Berrylicious fun ideas

Zing into spring with Berrylicious fun ideas

Two new ways to make the most of those wonderful berries.

Tired of the winter blues and all those unwanted kilograms you gained over the Festive season but still craving those delicious desserts that put you there in the first place.  How about making use of the succulent variety of fresh, colourful berries adorning the supermarket shelves.

Interested ? Of course you are.  Well how about trying our CARBOHYDRATE FREE mixed berry no bake, fridge ,cheesecake.

CARBOHYDRATE FREE you say?  Is it possible to make such a delicious cheesecake carbohydrate free? Of course it is and simple too,  Follow our easy recipe and  instructions below and enjoy eating one of your favourite desserts without gaining a pound and its tried and tested too,


Base or crust

1 cup ground almonds

2 tbs melted butter

xylitol (optional to taste)

Combine all the above ingredients and press into an 8 inch pie dish


250ml of fresh cream whipped into peaks

2 x 250gm full fat cream cheese

xylitol (amount equiv to 1 cup normal sugar. Read carefully on packet) or add to taste

1 tsp of vanilla essence

juice from one lemon


beat the cream cheese with an electric mixer until smooth (do not over beat or it will be too soft)appro 30 secs

Fold in the heavy whipped cream gently mix in the other ingredients and pour over the base.


A combination of the berries of your choice,  if desired you can make a berry coulis to pour over the cheesecake as well.  Refridgerate over night or until firm


Mix together berries in a pan stir in Xylitol to taste stirring constantly.  Mix in blender and pour through sieve.  Add some fruit juice of choice and allow to cool

Love your cocktails well how about trying our other suggestion for using up those colourful berries by making


Interested?  Well try our simple and easy  recipe below,  it will tantalize any palate and put a spring in your step

Quarter fill your champagne flute with the berries of your choice cover with a tot of Crème de Cassis and fill to the top with your favourite champagne or sparkling wine and hey presto you have a deliciously decadent cocktail to enjoy with your carbohydrate free cheesecake.


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