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Beer Keg Sizes

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What is a keg?

A keg is a small barrel (usually containing less than 10 gallons) that is used to store liquids and is also sometimes known as barrel, cask, vat, tun, hogshead, firkin, tub, tank, container and vessel.  For the purposes of this article, it is a container used to store delicious beer.  Your favourite beer brand is generally available in a keg and commercially available in many well known stores and via online shopping sites. The keg size reference chart below gives you more detail.

Keg Size Reference Chart
Cornelius Keg Sixth Barrel Keg Quarter Barrel Keg Slim Quarter Keg Half Barrel Keg
Gallons 5 5.16 7.75 7.75 15.5
Ounces 640 661 992 992 1,984
Liters 18.93 19.55 29.34 29.34 58.67
Height 23″ 23⅜” 13⅞” 23⅜” 23⅜”
Width 9″ 9¼” 16⅛” 11⅛” 16⅛”
Bottles / Cans (12oz) 53 55 82 82 165
Pints (16 oz) 40 41 62 62 124
Growlers (64 oz) 10 10 15.5 15.5 31
How many cases? 2.2 cases 2.3 cases 3.4 cases 3.4 cases 6.9 cases
Alternate Names Corny Keg ⅙ Barrel,
Pony Keg,
Stubby Quarter
Tall Quarter Full Size Keg,
Full Keg

Different Keg Sizes

There are several types of keg sizes available in the market today.

Mini Keg

This is designed for mini kegerators and can only hold 1.32 gallons. It is the perfect sized for one-time use and portable purposes. This includes partying with friends or just having fun at home. The downside of this keg is that they only come in specific beer brands such as Heineken. Therefore you may be pressed hard to find the brand you most like. It sometimes goes by the nickname Bubba Keg.

Cornelius Keg

Commonly used for home-brewing but originally developed by the soft drink industry. These kegs have become very popular for those who brew there own beer at home. They are available with two types of connectors, the ball-lock and pin-lock. A few nicknames used are, Corny Keg, Home-brew Keg and Soda Keg. The capacity is 5 gallons.



Sixth Barrel Keg

Commonly used in dual or triple-tap kegerators, for home use. It’s slightly larger than the Cornelius keg is size. This kegs plays the same role as its larger counterparts, the only difference being the amount of beer it can hold. A full keg can give you up to 55 12-ounce servings or 82 8-ounce servings. Also known as Sixtel, Torpedo or Log. It has a capacity of 5.16 gallons.



Quarter Barrel Keg or Pony Keg

The Quarter Barrel is the same width of a full barrel but approximately 10 inches shorter in height. A full keg disperses up to 82 12-ounce servings or 124 8-ounce servings. It’s commonly called the “Pony Keg” or “Stubby Keg” and is a very popular keg size. It holds approximately 7.75 gallons of beer.

Slim Quarter Keg

This kegs holds exactly the same amount of beer as the Quarter Barrell, 7.75 gallons but the size resembles the Sixth Barrel keg. It is a very popular choice for a dual-tap kegerator. Also known as the Tall Quarter or The Slim.



Half Barrel Keg

The Half Barrel  is the most widely used keg at large events, businesses and frat houses. It is the largest available keg and is used at bars and restaurants. It will fit in most home kegerators. A full keg will give you up to 165 12-ounce servings or 248 8-ounce servings. It’s commonly called the Full Size Keg, Barrel of Beer and the Full Keg. It allows you to store 15.5 gallons.



In the United States , beer that is imported from other countries usually comes in 50-liter (13.2-gallon) and 30-liter (7.9-gallon) kegs. These are known as European Barrel Kegs, from European Breweries. They have a full weight of 130 lbs and an empty weight of 28 lbs. There is approximately 5.8 cases in each keg.